Experience The Tuscan Way of Lucca, Montecarlo and Beyond!

LuccaLucca is a city steeped in rich history, bordered by luminous hills is the provincial capital of an area born of tales of knights, kings, artists, and an age old culture. In this area of spectacular natural treasures of coastal plains, valleys, hills and ancient cities you will find the people who continue to nurture the lands, coaxing the rich soils to produces some of the most coveted olive oils and wines in the world.

These people of the sea and land have practiced these traditions for millennia. Lucky visitors who are introduced to the wine and oil trails of old will experience the sweet products that Lucca offers. From the DOC wines of Montecarlo to the PDO extra virgin olive oils there is something for everyone in this land of enchanting landscapes and friendly caretakers of their ancestral lands. Sample the fragrant breads of the master bakers of Altopascio, partake of meals with the main course of extraordinary pork and dairy products of Gombitelli and the mountain dairies or the seafood of Versilia. Completely immerse yourself in the cuisine that includes a visual experience complete with the rich colors of the local fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Our invitation to you is to come and travel the wine and oil trails through Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia any time of the year. We will offer you the best our homeland has to offer with a full calendar of events that includes opportunities to discover the high-quality products that are offered nowhere else in the world. Tuscan Way guides will be your introduction to the hospitality of our Tuscan farms, traditional country villas, and amazing restaurants. Take leisurely tours that include the best of our art, and architecture that is part of the historical cities and villages. Sit back and revel at the sites of our magic sunsets with a glass of wine – listen to the music of the night and know you are always welcome to our land of La Dolce Vita! The good life of the present solidly rooted in our rich history and culture.