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Read a sampling of the hundreds of guest reviews and sincere words of praise and appreciation for the care and attention provided during our guest’s time with us at our magnificent villas. See what others are saying about the cooking classes, culinary tours, wine tasting and excursions to explore, shop, and their experiences of the true Tuscan ways of life.
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Video Testimonial – Unedited

Dear Isabel,
Sorry I missed you when I called Tuesday but just wanted you to know what a wonderful experience we had at Rose of the Winds. Barbara, Stefano and Lorenza were most gracious hosts and we have told everyone that the trip was truly magnificent. The views, history, food and wine were extraordinary and we would love to return in the future. You all did a great job and we thank you so much!!

Gene and Anita
Ellie and Don

Hi Romeo and Federica,
We arrived home in Kansas late Wednesday night and are still reminiscing about our wonderful time in Italy-especially our time in Tuscany with you and Federica. We had a great time in Florence and Rome but are really tired now and experiencing jet lag. Waking up early and going to bed early.We hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday and we want to thank you for everything you did for us. It was a dream vacation and we will never forget our good times.

Sincerely, Ellie and Don


We had a wonderful time and the whole experience far exceeded our expectations. Romeo and Frederica were wonderful. The classes were exceptional and all the food was good and reproducible. The excursions were well planned and a nice variety. I can not say enough about Romeo! What a wonderful character and a perfect host for this type of trip. The Villa was also more than wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation.



Linda was a wonderful guide. Her Knowledge of art History and of the areas we visited were superb! She is easy going and helpful. A lovely Person and a wonderful tour. My husband and i went on your Mornings in Tuscan tour on Saturday July 28. Thanks so much for such an enjoyable time! Our guide Linda was so knowledge, friendly and helpful (thanks for the restaurant recommendation Linda) it was so nice to get away from the city for few hours and escape to the Tuscan hills. We will tell our agent to recommend your tours to everyone she sends to Florence. You are terrific! Until our next visit.

-Cyndee & Geoff Geoffroy, USA


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Linda, the wine was wonderful, the view spectacular! Thanks for making it so enjoyable!

– The Demarcos


Great food

I recently had the good fortune to stay at the Villa Gaia in Tuscany. We had a wonderful host and drive, Francesco who drove my friend and I around the countryside- it’s was absolutely breathtaking. I truly enjoyed my stay at the villa and the people I met there. I especially love learning how to cook with Francesco’s mother Anna. I learned many new recipes and cooking techniques as well. I have to say that I have fallen in love with Tuscany and look forward to returning with my husband. Thank you so much for the wonderful adventure, I look forward to returning with my husband.

Jean McManus

We arrived back in Australia on Monday 23/07/01 with absolutely wonderful Memories of our European holiday. Thank for the great tour of the Tuscan area Linda, it was a real highlight of our trip.

– Jan, Kate and Ann


Italian breakfast

Really had great stay. Room and whole place very charming. Breakfast was outstanding. Staff were so very helpful. Village very pretty and natural hot spring pool just neat. Also, we made several side trips, Bagno Vignoni located so that we could do that. Visited Piensa, Assisi, Perugia and the local area. Several restaurants in town too.


Where do I begin? Our week at Casa Innocenti was incredible!! Right from our pick up in Rome I knew this experience was going to something special. Our week was filled to the brim, but we never felt rushed. The hospitality shown to us was outstanding. Our mornings started with the most beautiful breakfast set out by Pascale, she even made me special pots of tea as I was the only tea drinker in our group. Most mornings we enjoyed the beautiful stone patio for breakfast with the wonderful rooftop view because we were blessed with the most perfect weather. On a couple of mornings when it was cloudy or bit cool Pascal set the table in the dining room. Whatever Pascale did it was elegant and delicious.Romeo would then whisk us off to that days’ destination. Over the week we visited all the towns and villages that would be on anybody’s list to see in Tuscany and more. We learned so much from Romeo, about the history and culture and always with such passion and humor. Romeo was our hero and he looked after our every need and request with such enthusiasm.

Then after our busy fun filled days of sightseeing, shopping, wine tastings and fabulous lunches we would return to Arcidosso to more adventures in the culinary world with Carlo and Pascale. I again learned so much but it was very casual and of course full of laughter. We learned how to prepare simple authentic Tuscan dishes that we would enjoy later in the beautiful dining room. Most evenings we would linger at the table with a limoncello and discuss the day or walk into the village for a gelato. One evening Carlo took us to an incredible fireworks display at a neighboring town.




The rooms were spacious and charming……..wow! such an amazing stone house. We were on the top floor with a view overlooking the village.

This trip was much more than we expected and truly was “A Tuscan Experience” I will never forget the people I met and the hospitality I was shown.

I have already recommended this trip to friends and colleagues. Best wishes and thank you for all your help,

Lee Anne Cunnington


Dear Mr. Innocenti,

I regret that this note is so late, but we still recall with great pleasure our our supper at your home, and we want again to thank you for your remarkable generosity in sharing your home and hospitality with all of us. It was a great treat. If ever you should be able to visit us, it would give us real pleasure to return the favor!

Sincerely yours, Suzie, Shay, Gayle, and Linda


Dear Isabella,
Judy and I just returned from our “stra-ottima vacanza” in Italy and with your marvelous family in Arcidosso. I just wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how wonderful a time we had vacationing the Tuscan Way. Not only was Arcidosso a most charming and enchanted town, and not only did we enjoy our exquisite meals, but I just can’t say enough about our wonderful hosts Carlo, Pascale and Romeo. This has certainly been my most memorable and enjoyable vacation in Italy, and I will treasure the memory as well as the friendship we found with the Innocenti family. I hope I will also have the opportunity of meeting you in person someday. Hopefully a return trip soon will be upcoming soon, perhaps for the Villa Gaia tour, and I hope to convince my sister and brother-in-law to join us. Best regards to you and Ian, and please also send my warmest regards to Don Carlo, Pascale and Romeo.

Sincerely, Michele Messina – Michael , Messina


Great Bike trip with a nice small group! It was great to stop and overlook the castle and drink wine! Thanks Linda

Mikki, Kelly & Amy, USA


Isabel, thank you, your brother and his beautiful wife Fede for contributing to the most wonderful vacation I have ever experienced. Romeo is such a charmer and was attentive to all our needs. Tuscany is where God goes on vacation! Since my return I have renewed my interest is cooking and have been preparing wonderful Tuscan style meals including fresh pasta. Before the experience, I hardly ever cooked, now my physical trainer has restricted my pasta and cheese to once a week. Ron is really happy about my new interest. But I remember that Romeo said that one uses what one has and that the 5 staples for Tuscan dishes are garlic, onion, parsley, carrots, and celery. So even in my restrictions, I am living la dolce vita. I plan on return for my 60 birthday. That’s about 20 months from now. Please continue to keep us abreast of that is happening in the Tuscan Way.

And thank you again. – Connie and Ron Davidson


We went on an afternoon tour with Linda. She did an excellent job. Even wrote our direction for other thing to see and to.

Brynette Lowe


During a recent visit to Florence, my daughter and I used walking Tours twice. Both Experiences were the absolute best. Linda took a small group on the morning tour and did an outstanding job. She was an ideal hostess for the tour.

Geourge Beatty Jr, USA



This is overdue but Harriet and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our week at Villa Poggiarello with Romeo and his family. The week exceeded our expectations. We loved everything about the week but especially how Romeo took care of us during the week. He was wonderful. His knowledge of Tuscan cooking, wine and the Tuscany countryside was really impressive. We really enjoyed the cooking lessons with Romeo and Frederica. They are wonderful to see together and they make the cooking lessons informative and a lot of fun. We also had the pleasure of getting to meet little Emily and Julio, which for grandparents like we are, was also a treat.

Ken Ruka



Overlooking the city of Florence in Tuscany, Italy

Dear Carlo,

We had a wonderful trip through your blessed land of southern Tuscany on this past OAT adventure. There were many memorable events we experienced with Manuela and her team to guide us through the history and culture of the country as we visited all those remarkable ancient places. What a treasure of memories to bring home with us.

But of all the things we did, the scenes and vistas that we saw, and the people that we met, the one occasion that stands out as the most enjoyable to me was to meet you and your son, to be able to visit all the rooms of your wonderful home, and to experience an evening’s meal with you at your home. And what a joy it was to have the opportunity to spend that time in your “cave,” or cellar. It was a very special remembrance that just highlighted all that we had learned about the fortresses, and walled cities, and the way people lived in those olden times. We just don’t ever have those kinds of opportunities in our country.

You were very gracious to share your home with us, and my special thanks to you for the birthday cake you had prepared for Cecilia. This is a very warm remembrance for us both.

So my sincerest thanks for your gracious hospitality, and my best wishes to you and Romeo.


My wife and I just returned from one of the most fabulous vacation experiences we’ve had in a long time. We spent a terrific week at Villa Poggiarello under the tutelage of Romeo Innocenti. Every day we either cooked a wonderful meal or had tours of the beautiful Tuscan hill towns and wineries. Romeo shared his extensive knowledge of the region and it’s wine and made each visit a terrific learning experience. He also taught us simple, but deliciously wonderful Tuscan recipes that we will treasure forever. His enthusiasm and love for his native Tuscany really were major ingredients to our enjoyment of this experience. He is a major asset to your company. It’s too bad you can’t bottle Romeo’s personality, you’d have a gold mine. We also enjoyed meeting his lovely wife Frederica and their two children, who were a true delight.

Bob and Linda Schenkein


The Locanda del Loggiato was one of our favourite accommodations during our trip in Italy. A friendly receptionist greeted us warmly and showed us around town and recommended restaurants. We loved the piano, The rooms are decorated with taste and style .

The atmosphere that Barbara and Sabrina have been able to create in their property is Wonderful.


Tuscanway Experience

If I had to summarize our vacation in only one word, that word would be: UNBELIEVABLE!!

I am sure you hear that quite often, but we had such a moving and life-altering experience in Tuscany that I cannot help but think that my husband and I are not entirely the same people we were when we left. In the back of my mind I am trying to figure out how we can manage to move there – seriously!

First of all: Villa Poggiarello – what a breathtaking place! I was just stunned every morning when I opened my door and gazed upon the scenery. Every flower, every brick, every plant, tree, and bush created the most captivation environment I have ever had the pleasure of being surrounded in. It was almost like a dream! Our room was very clean and beautifully furnished – it was quaint and very comfortable. Stefano, Chiara, and the staff of the villa were all so kind and accommodating. They seemed tireless in their pursuit to make their guests comfortable and happy. Everything there was just like a storybook! It was so nice.

There is one thing I must comment upon (and I cannot stress to you enough how important this is): Romeo Innocenti is true asset to your company!! Romeo’s passion for the Tuscan area and culinary traditions, enthusiasm, knowledge of the history and geography of the area, and UNMATCHED sense of humor made him a very exciting guide. My husband, who is also a chef, got along very well with Romeo so that was very refreshing. Honestly, anyone who spends a day with Romeo strolling along the shadowed cobblestones of Siena or through the shops of Pienza that does not have a moving experience must be a corpse!! Romeo made everything interesting and personalized – especially the “off-the-itinerary” excursions to Federica’s father’s house and especially the trip to his home village, Arcidosso. We felt very lucky to have these parts of his life shared with us. It was truly an honor to meet Carlo Innocenti and visit the home where Romeo grew up. I imagine that many people go to Italy and get a very “touristy” version of the country, and our experiences were anything but! We are truly so grateful for the treatment we received from Romeo, Federica, and all of their families – they made us feel like family, and I really think that is what Tuscany is all about. GIVE ROMEO A RAISE!!!! :)

As I mentioned, my husband is a chef so it was crucial that the cooking courses and each dining experience we had was exceptional. We were not disappointed in the least!

Again, much credit given to Romeo for being such an exciting instructor. Of course, I am convinced that he could not have done it without Federica!! Each meal was more incredible than the last. Not only that, but we visited several great restaurants and a couple of home kitchens that provided us with incredible authentic and delicious food! Just amazing!!! We especially enjoyed the lunch we had at the Brunello winery (which was an incredible day, by the way) as well as the restaurant in Arcidosso – which was STELLAR! The day we prepared fresh pastas and sauces for lunch as well as the seafood “extravaganza” dinner were among our favorite cooking classes. Of course, everything was great, but I’m sure every detail would turn into a VERY long email!

There seems to be so much more I could comment upon, but I would probably go on all day long. I apologize if this is too long-winded! All in all, everything was just perfect, and I would recommend Tuscan Way to anyone interested in an authentic and beautiful Tuscan experience. We have already started saving our pennies for our next trip which we hope can be sooner than later!

Finally, thank you, Gregorio, for going above and beyond to ensure that every detail of our dream vacation was exactly to our specifications. You and Isabel obviously work very hard as liaisons for your counterparts who are still in Italy, and without you, the ball wouldn’t even begin to roll!! Please note that below I have included the URL for the online album I created to document our trip. There are many photos of the breathtaking scenery of Tuscany as well as the shenanigans our group got themselves into. There are some updated photos of Romeo, Federica, and Carlo, and Romeo though that Isabel might want to use them on the website. Whatever you would like to do is fine with me – I want to share the photos with the world to show just how incredible Tuscany is. (There are also some pictures of a day we spent in Rome!).

Again, thank you so much for helping make a longtime dream become reality – Sincerely,
JJ Magliocco


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Hi Isabel,

One thing I forgot to mention in my last email that my wife Lina wanted to make sure I communicated was the level of detail and professionalism of both Romeo and Frederica in the cooking classes. We learned a great deal in a short time and everything was just delicious.

Thanks, Bob




We wish to tell you of our experience at Torremozza in August. We had a marvelous time! The accommodation and setting was very beautiful. We would have enjoyed the grounds and pool more, but we were too busy! Our cooking classes with Francesco and sometimes Marie were enjoyable and fun. We learned a lot about Toscana cooking and I have made ravioli and tiramasu since coming home. Linda Sorgiovanni, our guide most of the time was delightful and very knowledgeable about Toscana and Firenze. She was also very flexible with our itinerary and gave us good suggestions and assistance. She is an amazing driver! Marie Lyons was also a very knowledgeable guide and good companion. She took us to a fabulous ristorante in Poppi and on a wonderful wine tour that was very historical. We also enjoyed cooking with her. Francesco was charming and patient – we enjoyed cooking with him very much. It was a very memorable holiday – we would love to do it again!

Grazie mille, – Sonia Hampton (Ruth Ann Eagleson)

Dear Mr. Innocenti,

I regret that this note is so late, but we still recall with great pleasure our our supper at your home, and we want again to thank you for your remarkable generosity in sharing your home and hospitality with all of us. It was a great treat. If ever you should be able to visit us, it would give us real pleasure to return the favor!

Sincerely yours, Suzie, Shay, Gayle, and Linda


Tuscan Food

Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for being so kind and helpful on our tour through Bolgheri. My wife and I truly enjoyed the experience and we’re very grateful for you sharing so much of your knowledge about not only wine, but also the Tuscan region in general. We learned so much and had a lot of fun!

Thanks again for making this part of our honeymoon so special.

Steve Martorana

We stayed here for a long weekend in Tuscany. We loved Bagno Vignoni. It is such a cute little town. The B&B was right in town and easy to find. One of the sisters friends met us the day we checked in, Brian, and he showed us around town and recommended restaurants and told us about the hot springs. He was great. We had a lovely stay…

Casey and Erik

We had a delightful time in Arcidosso and staying in Casa Innocenti on our very first visit to Italy…the experience helped us to fall in love with not only the country but its people ,too!!Carlo, Pascale, Romeo, Frederica, and Isabella all made it a trip of a lifetime!!In fact, we had such a great time that we returned 5 years ago with our daughter, son-in-law and their 2 teenage children!!They all had such a great time and today still talk with much fondness of all the cooking that we did and the wonderful tours that Romeo took us on!!
We got to know Italy from them, and still cherish our memories of the time we spent with them..Our only regret is that we can’t go every year!!!
We send to each of you our thanks and wishes for a wonderful holiday season!!

Marty and Jerry Childress
Roswell, NM USA


It was everything we expected and MORE!!!! Carlo was a fantastic host, chef, driver, teacher, historian, and all around thoroughly enjoyable! I cannot wait to go back.

Grazi! LeAnn

villa-Castelletti-Tre-CoroneDear Gregorio,

I don’t know why it took so long to get over the time change this trip. Maybe because we were so exhausted from our wonderful trip.

Grazie mille my friend for arranging this fantastic tour for us. It was much much more than I have expected.My niece was so excited when we arrived at the Villa. It was not only beautiful but full of life from all the people who runs it.Suzanne was so gracious and warmth. She gave us 2 bedroom 2 bath apt. The view from all the windows are breathtaking.I am so happy for the choice you helped us made, more than perfect.

Francesco and Franco was so great in showing us how to make ravioli , lasagna, tiramisù and fruit tart.They were simple dishes, but useful.We enjoyed the fresh veg.eggs and fresh goat cheese from Francesco’s farm.I would recommend this place to all my friends who like food and wine and a peaceful, beautiful setting.All of them were extremely kind and helpful!

Linda is the greatest, we loved her. She is so nice and helpful, we enjoyed her company a lot. The three of us were having such a good time in Sienna, I tripped and hurt my left foot on my first day.Linda went to the Pharmacy right away and got me ice-pack, so sweet. I was limping for almost a week. But very determined not to let it affect our tour.The mind can do wonders when one has the will power.

You are right about everything. From Linda to all the people at the Villa and also Marie, she took care of us also, very nice Irish lady married to an Italian for 40 years, amazing!

Well my friend, what can I say but GRAZIE MILLE !

Please keep in touch!

Ciao, Amelia


Dear Frederica and Romeo,

I just wanted to let you know that Donna and I got home safe – tired, but safe. It was wonderful getting to know you both, and thank you for an amazing experience… it was so very special in so many ways. And, Romeo, the sink strainer is perfect! I am betting you don’t meet many tourists who come to Italy looking for one of those… I will always remember this vacation, and I hope to get back to Tuscany again soon- and maybe you will make it to Los Angeles sometime. I will get my pictures up on Facebook in the next few days and let you know how to access them. In the meantime have a great summer!

Love, Denise


Dear Carlo,

Thank you again for being our marvelous host and chef. Our family trip could not have been more fun. We have many happy memories of being with you. Please know how much we appreciate your efforts and talent!

We hope you will visit us in Florida when you visit your daughter!


Our host Barbara & her sister were most gracious in making us feel at home and nothing was to much trouble. Our rooms were full of character, clean & comfortable. There is a beautiful sitting room with an open fire (just what we needed for the cold nights!), a grand piano and even a friendly cat (okay, he did sneak in just one night!). This was our second stay here and it was even better than the first! Locanda del Loggiato is a charming 13th century villa in the (very small) village of Bagno Vignoni, which is an ancient spa town.




Palazzo Della Provincia

Dear Gregorio, Isabel, and the entire staff at Tuscan Way,

I returned from my trip to Tuscany with my two friends, Cindy and Barbara, a month ago, but my heart and soul remain in Italy. Our experience at Casa Innocenti was exceptional, bar none. Carlo, Pascale and Romeo opened their home and hearts to all of us and contributed to making the experience the wonder it was! Although the weather did not add sunshine to our days, their enthusiasm and joy in teaching us to cook and relish in the Tuscan lifestayle brought warmth and light into each day. Staying in Carlo’s home was akin to being in your own family’s home, surrounded by good food, lively conversation and much laughter. They were warm and hospitable and we were treated like family.

Romeo was the perfect tour guide. His innate ability to make everyone feel at ease around him and each other is a gift. Most days it felt like we were traveling with our own brother, sharing a great meal, storytelling and sheer fun! I loved our trip to the market in Grosseto and our delightful stop at the Enoteca in Pienza. Where else but in Tuscany can one stop for balsalmic vinegar and be treated to a glass of wine and biscotti with the shopkeeper! Truly amazing! By the end of the trip, he had regaled us with much history, more than a few anecdotes of the locals, and given me an Italian lesson in a day. Each day was full of touring, but it was hardly arduous. No matter how much steep terrain we climbed, we were absorbing so much information and meeting so many wonderful people along the way that it seemed we could go on and on. Our trip to Montalcino and Montepulciano was glorious! Romeo’s knowledge of the wines and the terrific experience of wine tasting was superb. I walked away feeling so much more informed (and slightly tipsy) and richer from the journey.

Finally, Carlo and Pascal were the quintessential teachers. Just watching the interact made for great fun, but both had so much to offer their students. They are mired in their culture and experiences and it came through in their cooking. Although each of us came in with cooking skills, I think I can safely say that we each left with a skill set that can only be acquired from living it in Tuscany! Thank you to everyone at Tuscan Way and Casa Innocenti for making Tuscany all we hoped, times ten!

Anne Amatulli