Our Culinary and Cultural Tours are what Make Us Special

We are a small, family owned and cooking school that specializes in all-inclusive culinary and cultural vacations in Tuscany, Italy since 1998. Our cooking courses are small, personal, and hands-on, our guided excursions are intimate and educational, un-hurried and friendly. We get to know you, and you get to know us, very well. So well, that by the time you leave, you have become a member of our extended famiglia internazionale! Everything you will enjoy while on tour with us is included, from the food and cooking courses, to your excursions, to your fine Italian wine and your accommodations. You will experience Tuscan life like a true Tuscan, become immersed in our culture and cooking, and truly experience la dolce vita in Toscana!!



Tuscan Way’s Vacations

Hotel accommodations in Tuscany, breakfast, lunch, dinner as highlighted in all of the Tuscan tour itineraries, cooking course tours, wine tours & tasting and new culinary gourmet, spa and yoga touring options (based on guest feedback showing how many people are interested in food and wine tours with different twists). So, traveling the Tuscan Way made “Tuscany touring” an option. We’ll take you to some of to the most beautiful areas in all of Italy during your Tuscan Way Tour where we keep our prime focus on Tuscany. Touring in this manner through Tuscany is absolutely enchanting and it is also a chance to discover lesser known (off-the-beaten-track) small villages, georgeous villas, castles, vineyards and truly immerse yourself in the true charm of Italy.

With Tuscan Way’s tours of Tuscany, you will always have the opportunity to feel that unique sense of “place” at each destination by meeting and interacting with the locals and staff of the establishments we visit.

Our Tuscan Tours consist of full or half week vacations. We have also chosen the most interesting wine itineraries following the acclaimed “Strade del Vino”. Doing it this way, Tuscany’s peasant cooking tradition and finer gourmet cooking cannot go untouched. So, we tour with the locals and visit characteristic places – in quaint Tuscan Towns. This is the essence of Tuscan Way’s service.

The accommodation choices and rental pricing offered by are the best in Tuscany and Florence. We will guide you to the popular towns and villages of Tuscany and Florence and introduce you to the unique culture and traditions of those places. With us, you can choose from a wide range of vacation plans and types of holiday such as Florence city tours depending on your interest and budget. Our tour packages give you the unique opportunity to explore the immense beauty of Tuscany at very affordable prices. We value our customers the most, so we ensure that your stay with us will be very pleasing, relaxing and memorable one. Find out more about various tuscany travel packages by browsing through our website.


Private Car with Driver and Tour Leader

From your arriving to the last day, you will never be alone! Tuscan Way will give you a private car with driver at your disposal for all your vacation. Also, one of your responsible will be your Tour Leader, to manage your vacation and your excusrions and tastings in the best way, and you will have just one thing to do: living La Dolce Vita!



Wine, Oil and Cheese Tastings

During your stay you will have the opportunity to visit cellars where the most famous Tuscan Wines are made. During your visit, professional winemakers will tell you how a good wine born, from grapes to bottle! You can also visit oil mills or cheese factories, to learn something more about italian olive oil and our tasteful cheese. Obviously, at the end of your visit you will taste what you saw in this places, to touch by your hand what is the result of the production!



Yoga Lessons

Do you want to have your vacation but you don’t want to give up your yoga lessons?
No problems!
Our yoga teachers are at your disposal to have how many private lessons you want during your stay in Tuscany. It will be relaxing to start your day with a Yoga lesson: in our structures, you will find possible to have lessons in the beautiful gardens or in private rooms if it’s raining or too cold. Yoga in the beautiful Tuscan countryside: what else?

On request we can organize also Yoga Retreats: vacations for small group focused on daily yoga lessons with our teachers, meditations, and vegetarian and vegan cooking classes. Just ask for informations!



Tuscany Massage And Spa

A spa offers various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Tuscany massage and spa is known for its very famous and effective healing powers. The hot water used in the Tuscany spas is supplied by deep springs in the earth and the water carries several medicinal and healing properties. Spas in Tuscany have been valued since ancient times and are great for back pain, stress relief and treatment of several skin disorders. Each Tuscany spa has water with different properties, such as carbon dioxide or sulphur and it can help to heal a variety of aliments. There are several hotels in Tuscany that offer spas and Ayurvedic massage in Italy. introduces travelers to all the popular thermal baths and spa in Tuscany Italy. We also offer various staying options in some of famous yet traditional facilities like villas, farmhouses, hotels and other holiday rentals Tuscany. Many of these facilities feature therapeutic Tuscan spa each with its own set of curative powers. You can also choose the accommodations that are nearby a famous spa in Tuscany. Tuscany massage and hot spring spas are some of the best in the world with high quality services and a healthful approach planned for their guests. The health experts at the health spas are always available at your service to guide you towards a healthier living.



Guided Visits to Cultural Cities

Your visit to the most important cities of Tuscany, like Florence and Siena, will be always conducted with a professional historical guide, to show you their architectural wonders, their secrets, some historical curiosity, to bring with you a piece of our Italy. It will be possible, on request, to have a guide also for other excursions to little towns (like Lucca, Pisa, Montalcino and so on, depending on the itinerary).



Golf in Tuscany

Imagine playing golf on tournament quality courses surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany, with its centuries-old castles and breathtaking landscapes. Combine you days with excursions into the Tuscan countryside to partake of award winning wines and local cuisine. Experience the magesty and history of the renaissance.



Naturalistic Excursions

Do you want to experience the wild side and unspoiled Tuscan countryside?
We can organize for you some different kinds of naturalistic excursions, with expert guides to show you the typical vegetation, flora, and the beautiful landscapes you can see on Tuscan hills.
You can choose between Trekking, Bike, or Horse Riding, to explore the natural side of Tuscany.