Our Company Philosophy

Our aim is to provide a very personal, pleasurable and memorable experience for all of our guests. This will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed after your vacation. We accomplish this by working with small groups of travelers and introducing them to the locals so that they can really see and experience Tuscan culture as it really is.


Our Culinary and Cultural Tours are What Make Us Special

We are a small, family owned and cooking school that specializes in all-inclusive culinary and cultural vacations in Tuscany, Italy since 1999. Our cooking courses are small, personal, and hands-on, our guided excursions are intimate and educational, UN-hurried and friendly. We get to know you, and you get to know us, very well. So well, that by the time you leave, you have become a member of our extended famiglia internazionale! Everything you will enjoy while on tour with us is included, from the food and cooking courses, to your excursions, to your fine Italian wine and your accommodations. You will experience Tuscan life like a true Tuscan, become immersed in our culture and cooking, and truly experience la dolce vita in Toscana!!

Tuscan Way’s Complete Services For Touring in Tuscany Include

Hotel accommodations in Tuscany, breakfast, lunch, dinner as highlighted in all of the Tuscan tour itineraries, cooking course tours, wine tours & tasting and new culinary gourmet, spa and yoga touring options (based on guest feedback showing how many people are interested in food and wine tours with different twists). So, traveling the Tuscan Way made “Tuscany touring” an option. We’ll take you to some of to the most beautiful areas in all of Italy during your Tuscan Way Tour where we keep our prime focus on Tuscany. Touring in this manner through Tuscany is absolutely enchanting and it is also a chance to discover lesser known (off-the-beaten-track) small villages, gorgeous villas, castles, vineyards and truly immerse yourself in the true charm of Italy. With Tuscan Way’s tours of Tuscany, you will always have the opportunity to feel that unique sense of “place” at each destination by meeting and interacting with the locals and staff of the establishments we visit. So go on your Tuscany tour, Experience fully in Tuscany while touring with our highly qualified Tuscan-experienced tour guides. Our Tuscan Tours consist of full or half week vacations. We have also chosen the most interesting wine itineraries following the acclaimed “Strade del Vino”. Doing it this way, Tuscany’s peasant cooking tradition and finer gourmet cooking cannot go untouched. So, we tour with the locals and visit characteristic places – in quaint Tuscan Towns. This is the essence of Tuscan Way’s service.