The Tuscan Way offers personal, fun and memorable cooking and tour experiences to guests from all walks of life. 

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Also known as a nation within a nation, Tuscany is a beautiful region in Italy. It’s popular for its strong cultural and linguistic identity.

Tuscany is home to ancient Etruscan archeological sites, museums, the Antinori vineyards, and multiple historical cities that date back several centuries. Tuscany is also home to a vast stretch of beautiful landscape that runs from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the peaks of the Apennine Mountains.

With its natural beauty and surrounding Tuscan Archipelago islands and the Apian Alps into the city of Florence, Tuscany attracts millions from around the world.

Tuscan Way is a culinary program that offers authentic Tuscan cooking classes and culinary tours. The program targets lovers of everything Tuscan. It allows you to explore the region’s centuries of old traditions, charming medieval towns, the art and culture of the people, the wine and food, and the people.

With the Tuscan Way,

you’re guaranteed to enjoy hands-on cooking classes. You’ll learn the art of preparing Tuscan cuisine from our experienced chefs. We offer vegan, vegetarian, organic and celiac cooking vacations and classes you can take online or in person.

We also offer culinary tours to ensure you explore the regions as you learn how to cook its culinary dishes. You can cycle the Tuscany hills as part of our tours. We customize travel itineraries for each visitor to ensure your unique needs are met.

You’ll learn about the rich Tuscan history, including peasant dishes and popular cuisines. We’ll also show you how gastronomy has changed over the years from the medieval era to the Renaissance period to-date.

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