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Tuscany is popular for its artistic and influential cultural legacy. The renowned Tuscan cuisine is colorful, rich and bursts with flavor

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The Tuscan cuisine is fresh, simple and of top quality, thanks to the diverse natural landscape of Tuscany.

The Tuscan Way offers authentic Tuscan cooking classes and culinary tours. Our chefs teach visitors how to harness the Tuscan cuisine’s rich colors and delicate scents when you visit Tuscany.


Apart from joining an authentic cooking classes to learn how to cook local dishes, we also offer tours to wine and food producers. Our tours also feature visits to local markets, excursions and dining at local restaurants with special menus.

No Distance Is too Far

We also offer airport transfers and pickup services to our visitors. Whether you want to learn how to cook local Tuscan dishes or taste some of the best Italian wines, we’ve got you covered.

Explore our Tuscan cooking classes and culinary tours to find something that suits your unique needs. Contact us for more information about our tours or cooking classes.






The Tuscan Way offers personal, fun and memorable cooking and tour experiences to guests from all walks of life. We ensure guests feel refreshed and invigorated during their Tuscan tours or vacation. We introduce small groups of visitors to the Tuscan way of life. They experience and see the Tuscan culture as it really is.