Our professional Tuscan chefs,

will teach you how to cook a 5-course meal from risottos – “primi piatti”, gnocchi, soups and fresh handmade pasta. We’ll also teach you different ways of making pasta, including coloring, stuffing, flavors, sauces, and how to match them with your pastas.

What We Do

Our Tuscan cooking classes also involve learning how to prepare soups and salads. Many Tuscany dishes are soup-based for consumption in winter.

 On the other hand, summer dishes include salads based on old bread and various veggies in season. 

Prepare to learn how to cook the fish, meat and game dishes commonly referred to as “Secondi and Contorni”. They’re prepared and served with flans and vegetables.

Your classes won’t be complete without learning how to cook antipasti and desserts for your sweet tooth. We prepare all Tuscan dishes with fresh ingredients, and this is the secret to preparing tasty Tuscany cuisine.

All tasty dishes are made using fresh, organic, seasonal veggies and fruits. It’s rare to use frozen food items in cooking Tuscany dishes. Menus in all local restaurants change throughout the year as the produce available vary from season to season.

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Located near Florence, we offer Tuscany cooking classes so you can enjoy your favorite Tuscan tastes whenever you want. We’ve refined our authentic Italian culinary cooking classes and tours over the years to present you the authentic Italian face and way of life that everyone finds appealing.

We offer an Italian Tuscany cooking experience like no other. We believe that it’ better to live to eat than eat to live just like the Italian Tuscans. Family recipes have been passed down generations through word of mouth, making them priceless.

The dining table, according to the Tuscans, is a center of laughter, dispute, decisions and talks. Memories, comfort and joy are instilled in your soul as you eat your favorite Tuscan dish.

The Tuscan Way aims,

at revealing to you the Good Tuscany Tastes through our amazing cooking classes and memorable culinary tours. With the professionalism and knowledge our Tuscan chefs have gained over the years, you’re guaranteed a memorable Italian cooking experience.

Our team also exudes “La Dolce Vita”, the Italian’s way of life in our cooking classes and tours to give you an authentic experience. Due to climatic influences and historical events, various regions and cities in Italy have distinct traditions and old culinary customs.

Our professional Italian chefs offer hands-on cooking classes for a truly unique learning and tours experience. During your days- or week-long visit, we’ll show you various tips, tricks and techniques of preparing Authentic Tuscan cuisine.

We pick our visitors from Florence. You can secure accommodation in the nearby estate to ensure you don’t miss your cooking classes and culinary tour.

Our Tuscany cooking classes and culinary tours during your vacation are a good way to explore the Tuscan treasures. During tours, you’ll explore the traditional hill towns of Tuscany.

The sun-kissed

region beams with art-filled cities, wine-drenched hillsides, and soft sunsets over truffle forest and olive groves swathes. The enchanting Cortona village is the epitome of our culinary tours. The village is the star of Frances Mayes’ inspiring “Under the Tuscan Sun” bestseller.

During your daily stroll to the piazza, you may run into Bramasole, the famous Tuscany resident. Apart from the region’s unique cuisine, you’ll also explore the best wines of Tuscany.

Our tours involve visiting farms,

learning to cook authentic Tuscan dishes from local chefs, relaxing in lush, rolling vineyards, visiting nearby food producers, and tasting iconic Tuscany wines such as Pienza, Montepulciano and Siena.


You can also go hunt truffles with truffle dogs. Local restaurants have exclusive tasting menus you’ll want to try. Our cooking classes and culinary tours are your gateway to relax or continue exploring what Florence or Sicily has to offer.

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